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Our range of Beeper® parking barriers is a practical and effective solution for securing your parking spaces.

At Beeper, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicle and property, as well as the need to make parking easier.

Our range of garage and car park fittings includes a variety of products such as parking barriers, parking stops, safety mirrors, fire extinguishers and garage door protection strips. Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of your garage or car park.

Car park security

Speed bump (set of 2)

(2 reviews)
Price €39.95

Parking stopper - Parking stopper for car

(7 reviews)
Price €19.95

Parking barrier

Solar & Wireless Parking Barrier

(1 review)
Price €229.95

Electric & Wireless Parking Barrier

(5 reviews)
Price €149.95

Garage storage

Garage door protection strips (set of 2)

(15 reviews)
Price €30.95

2 kg ABC fire powder extinguisher • Special model for motorhomes, vans & small trucks

(1 review)
Price €39.95

Garage door protection strips (set of 2)

(15 reviews)
Price €15.95

Minipark - Garage for two-wheelers

(25 reviews)
Price €249.95