Reversing radars

Reversing radar

Discover our range of reversing radar

Our range of Beeper® reversing radars are designed to give you added safety while driving.

With our reversing radars with or without screens, you can avoid accidents when reversing and ensure a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Choose from our selection of car reversing radars for a reliable and convenient solution that fits your vehicle.

At Beeper®, we are committed to providing quality products to enhance your safety and comfort.

Rear view mirror with display

Reversing radar 4 sensors with LED display • RK006/4

(2 reviews)
Price €119.95

4-sensor wireless reversing radar • RK039RF

(19 reviews)
Price €174.66

Rear view mirror without display

Reversing radar without drilling • REM101

(35 reviews)
Price €39.95

Reversing radar 4 sensors with buzzer • RE002A/4

(33 reviews)
Price €69.95

Manufacturer type reversing radar • RE004i

(40 reviews)
Price €69.95

Reversing radar 4 white sensors & buzzer • RE002A/4-B

(2 reviews)
Price €70.95