Electric scooter LITE • FX2L + Free anti-theft cable

: FX2L-8

The Beeper LITE electric scooter is THE stylish scooter.

Its look, its curves, its style will not leave you indifferent and its technical advantages will make the difference.

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Discover the Beeper LITE electric scooter

The Beeper LITE electric scooter is the ideal scooter for all your trips in the city, whether for leisure or daily commuting. Thanks to its weight of 12.8 kg (depending on the version), it is easily transportable, allowing you to take it everywhere with you, with ease.

With its curvy look and colorful accents, the Beeper LITE electric scooter will not leave you indifferent !


Why choose the Beeper Lite ?

The Beeper LITE is an ideal electric scooter for :

Peri-urban people looking for a daily and complementary mode of transportfor the last kilometres
- Urban or peri-urban people looking for an occasional leisure mode of transport 

The advantages of the Beeper LITE

Its puncture-proof tyres

The Beeper LITE's tyres are totally puncture-proof, and its honeycomb design provides driving comfort and peace of mind for your journeys. 

Indeed, its full tyres will never puncture, so no tyre to change !

In addition, the honeycomb design acts like a suspension system and absorbs road shock when you drive.

Its devastating look

Its look, curves and style will not leave you indifferent, the Beeper LITE is the stylish scooter.

Its electric blue accents, light and resistant aluminium frame, curved design and multi-ply wooden platform give it a devastating look.

Stylish & powerful

Stylish but powerful, that's what the Beeper LITE is all about !

Equipped with a brushless motor of 300W max (250W nominal) and a battery of 4 to 5 Ah (depending on the chosen version), the Beeper LITE is ready to ensure speed and reactivity during your daily trips.

The Beeper LITE has a 3 speed menu, to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h :
- Speed 1 = 10 km/h maximum
- Speed 2 = 20 km/h maximum
- Speed 3 = 23 km/h maximum

Our scooter is therefore 100% compatible with the EDPM regulations published in 2019.

As for autonomy, the Beeper LITE electric scooter will allow you rides of 15 to 22 km (depending on the chosen version). 

As a reminder, autonomy varies according to many factors :
- the user (weight, build)
- the weather (temperature, rain, wind)
- the quality of the road (asphalt, gravel, paving stones)
- the routes taken (elevation gain, sloping or flat)
- the type of driving (jerky or constant use of the accelerator, and speed)
These factors should be taken into account when using your Personal Displacement Vehicle, the indicated autonomy is a data tested according to specific driving conditions.

*Maximum autonomy for a person weighing approximately 60 kg, at constant speed.

The plus ? Are you running out of battery ? You can also use it very simply as a mechanical scooter.

Easy to handle

Simple and efficient. The handlebars of the Beeper LITE have been designed for an easy and intuitive use. No hidden buttons, everything is right there at your fingertips :
- A bell to warn of your arrival;
- Easy to engage triggers for the brake and accelerator;
- A clear, uncluttered display to track your various trip data (speed, mileage, battery level).

In short, a real child's play !

Well thought out and equipped

In terms of driving comfort, again the Beeper LITE scooter has nothing to be ashamed of :

- Its suspension hook at the front allows you to hang your bag or accessory and allows the scooter to be locked when you fold it.
- Its anti-slip grip tape will allow you to drive safely without slipping off the platform,
- Its bell will allow you to inform other road users of your arrival.
- Its retractable stand, deploys quickly for all your breaks

Safety is in order

In terms of security, everything is also there :
- A platform with a non-slip grip tape for more stability
- A bell for driving in town without surprising other users
- LED lighting at the front and rear to be seen in all circumstances
- A double brake system (electric and mechanical) to stop you quickly

Ideal for everyone

Thanks to its design and complete equipment, the Beeper LITE electric scooter is suitable for everyone.

Indeed, it will be ideal for workers who are looking for a compact mode of transport for the last kilometers separating them from their workplace.

It is also suitable for the occasional Sunday ride with the family.

Ultra complete guarantees


10 year guarantee

Electronics and Mechanics

3 year guarantee

Battery & charger

1 year guarantee

An efficient after-sales service

Parts available

Beeper is committed to making all spare parts for the Beeper LITE available for a minimum of 36 months*

Technicians who listen to you

Based in our premises, our technical team is at your disposal to help you in case of questions about the use of your Beeper LITE or in case of technical problems.

*See complete terms in our GCASS
3 Items
6 months to 10 years (depending on parts)
Display type
LCD • Black & White • Multifunction
Weight (in kg)
12.8 kg (FX2L5) / 13.2 kg (FX2L8)
Speed 1 : 10 km/h • Speed 2 : 20 km/h • Speed 3 : 25 km/h
Lithium-ion 36V • 5.0Ah or 7.5Ah according to version
42V • 1,5 A
Folded : 1065 x 430 x 480 mm
Overall : 1065 x 430 x 1180 mm
Side and folding
Electric trigger brake / Mechanical rear foot brake
12 to 22 km (depending on version)
Packaging dimensions
1068 x 430 x 1180 mm
300W max • 250W nominal
180 Wh / 270 Wh depending on version
Front 8'' (18,5 cm)
Ground clearance
9,5 cm
Platform height from the ground
12,8 cm
Yes • Secure
Audible warning
Lights and signage
LED front & rear lights
Maximum slope
Charging time
3h30 to 4h30 (depending on version)

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Reviews about this product

Based on 7 reviews

  • 5

    Très bonne trottinette pour les ados .

  • 3

    recu parfaitement nickel cependent une entretoise dans le systeme de fixation etait manquante enpechant le maintien ferme de la fixation de la colonne de direction. j'ai été obligé d'usiné une piece du meme type utilisé sur des cadres de lits pour arrivé a fixé le colonne avec un maintien ferme dans la conduite.sans jeu dans la colonne. voila appart ca je suis satisfait mais blasé d'avoir passé 2h30 a régler ce probleme et heureusement j'ai l'ame un minimum d'outilleur.ce probleme aurais été fastidieux pour une personne pourvu de conaissance dans ce domaine et non outillé.(perceuse a colonne, une lime et un dremel) cdlt

  • 5

    Excellente trottinette à un bon rapport qualité prix

  • 5

    Achat pour l'anniversaire de ma fille, nous habitons à la campagne et les roues increvables sont idéales et restent souples et solides pour aller partout sans risquer la crevaison. Ma fille a très vite pris la trottinette en main et l'apprécie énormément.

  • 3

    Inutile de penser monter une c™te ne serait ce que moyenne..sans pousser à coté.Conditions d'"utilisation...85 KG tout habillé..:-)J'avais pris la version 8Ah en pensant jouer "confort"...bien mal m'en a pris..Donc prudence pour les gabarits moyens...les autres je vous laisse imaginer.....

  • 5

    Cadeau pour un ado de13 ans. Il en est très content.Après 2 mois d'utilisation intensive, la trottinette correspond à la description et est de très bonne qualité.

  • 5

    Je ne recevais pas l'article mais dès que j'ai envoyé un message au vendeur il s'est rendu compte de l'oubli et me l'a envoyé en urgence (reçu le lendemain). Quand j'ai reçu l'article une des vis était cassée. J'ai contacté le vendeur qui m'en a envoyé une gratuitement. Cette pièce s'est perdue mais dès que je l'ai dit au vendeur il m'en a renvoyé une. Sinon la trottinette marche bien. Elle a 3 vitesses. Le frein au guidon est plut™t un frein d'urgence car ça freine très fort. Cette trottinette est parfaite pour la route car elle a les lumières et le klaxonne. Bon rapport qualité prix.