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Wifi rear-view and surveillance camera • H1WIFI


The Beeper H1WIFI is a wireless rear view camera with a long battery life and a wifi connection to your smartphone (Android or Ios).

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The Beeper H1WIFI Wifi rear view camera is a rear view and surveillance system with multiple applications. Its wireless camera and its screen system via smartphone application make it a 100% autonomous product to facilitate your journeys.

Composition of the Wifi reversing camera kit

The Beeper H1WIFI reversing camera kit is a complete kit, to allow you to best adapt it to your vehicle :

- 1 WIFI reversing camera
- 1 JACK/USB charging cable
- 1 user manual
- 1 fixing adhesive with velcro

Main functions

The Beeper H1WIFI reversing camera allows you to view your reversing area or monitor the interior of a vehicle, which guarantees you safety and peace of mind. 

- Lithium-ion battery integrated 2100mAh, 3.7V
- Autonomy of 6 hours in operation
- Resistant camera housing
- Swivel metal camera support
- IP65 waterproof rating
- Night vision 6 infrared LEDs 
- Wireless connection via WIFI (private network)
- Possibility to transmit on 2 devices at the same time 
- Range of 60 m. in free field

Dimensions Wifi reversing camera

- Length 80 mm
- Height 98 mm
- Width 48 mm

Installation of the wifi reversing camera

The camera of your BEEPER H1WIFI kit can be installed either :

- on the rear of a trailer (for use as a reversing camera or rear view camera).

Installation caméra H1RF Recul

- inside a horse van or motorhome (to monitor your goods or animals).

Installation caméra H1RF Surveillance

/! The camera is very easy to attach thanks to its magnetic and swivel support. You can also attach it with the scratch adhesive provided in the kit.

Use of the application 

Please download the application for your phone type :

• Apple IOS devices -> Directly download the "SAFETYEYE" app from the APPSTORE (in case of problems, you can also download the ROADVUE or IREARCAM apps from the APPSTORE).

• ANDROID devices -> Directly download the IREARCAM application from the PLAY STORE (in case of problems you can also download the ROADVUE or SAFETYEYE applications from the PLAYSTORE).

Then turn on your WIFI camera (blue LED on steady), then search for the SONIX_### Wifi network.

Finally, open the application and enjoy your product.

Wifi reversing camera with night vision 

The camera of the Beeper H1WIFI kit is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs, so you can use your product even in low light.

Please note that the operation of the LEDs is not perceptible to the naked eye.

These LEDs are a real asset for night vision, but they can sometimes distort the real colours of surrounding objects or obstacles (e.g. pinky vegetation). However, this constraint remains negligible compared to the overall performances of the product.

A wifi reversing camera with multiple applications

The H1WIFI kit a versatile system, useful for any type of vehicle (Motor Home, Trailer, Horse Van, Horse Truck, Construction Machine, Agricultural Vehicle, etc.).

It is also a kit that can be used in several different ways :

- MONITORING = Camera installed inside the vehicle

- FOR REVERSE = Camera installed outside the vehicle

Recharge of your camera 

Votre Beeper H1WIFI has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (6 hours autonomy). Once the battery is drained, recharge your camera using the cable provided, via a USB port (charging time of approximately 3 hours).

Your camera remains functional during the recharge. You can plug it into a cigarette lighter adapter to continue to use it in all circumstances.

The Beeper H1WIFI allows the recording of photos and videos

The photo & video pictograms* allow you to capture photos or footage using your camera.

You can then play them back on your smartphone by clicking on the "jpg" and "mp4" icons.

* video function only available on the Apple application.


Your Beeper H1WIFI wifi reversing camera benefits from a 2 year guarantee. We invite you to read our general after-sales service conditions by clicking here.

The Beeper H1WIFI wifi reversing camera kit is of course a complete kit, as well as a simple and clear user/assembly manual.

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Wifi rear-view and surveillance camera • H1WIFI

The Beeper H1WIFI is a wireless rear view camera with a long battery life and a wifi connection to your smartphone (Android or Ios).

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